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Kurdistan means business

The Guardian-Ranj Alaaldin
Despite its volatile backdrop, the 'other Iraq' is showing it has the capabilities to attract investment and develop as a region.

Last week, more than 600 delegates from across the globe headed to London for a conference on investment opportunities in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

As the rest of Iraq continues to be beset by political wrangling, terrorist attacks and violent protests bemoaning the lack of electricity, Kurdistan continues to look more and more like an independent state. This was the underlying message to be taken from the conference – that the business opportunities in Kurdistan are also opportunities to play a role in the building of a nation.

And where better to start than with oil, the foundation of any future independent Kurdish state. Ashti Hawrami, the Kurdistan regional government's experienced oil minister who continues to successfully pioneer Kurdistan's energy sector, despite formidable challenges from Baghdad and a failed smear campaign, gave a strong presentation that showed exactly what was at stake.

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