Ana içeriğe atla
Submitted by Rêvebir_E on 30 July 2010

The Washington Kurdish Institute (WKI) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, research and educational organization that was established in September 1996

WKI is committed to the following objectives:

* Public awareness of issues concerning the Kurdish people
* Protection for the human, cultural, and political rights of Kurds
* Humanitarian support and development of civil society
* Resources for Kurdish culture and education
* Advocacy for effective solutions to Kurdish issues

WKI has worked toward development in the following specific areas:

* Education (Kurdish language classes, news and information dissemination)
* Humanitarian response (Medical treatment, research and training)
* Preparation and response for the use of chemical weapons
* Documentation of Environmental Health
* NGO, Civic, and Community capacity

WKI is located in Washington, DC