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French Cultural Center celebrates the World Music Day with Kurdistan children

Erbil, June 23 (Aknews) - The French Cultural Center in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, held a musical concert with the participation of world music bands for the children of Kurdistan.

"The French Cultural Center invited us to participate in the celebration for World Music Day and we accepted the invitation and will perform many pieces of music during the ceremony," Saadallah Mouhammed Ibrahim, the director of "Papula Kurdistan" musical band for children said on Wednesday.

"The children musical bands were usually ignored on this occasion, and we noticed that the foreign cultural centers are paying attention to us on such occasions… the regional government and the local cultural centers do not pay attention to the activities of children at these events but they do on World Children day only. "

"Papula Kurdistan" means "Kurdistan butterflies" and since 2003, the band participate in the celebrations and events that are especially for children, it also has about 50 songs broadcasted on radio and TV stations in Kurdistan region.

The little girl Barihan Gharib seemed happy during the ceremony as she played with her musical band a group of Kurdish folk songs, in addition to world tunes and mixed Kurdish-French music.

Barihan said to (Aknews): "if the French Cultural Center didn't revive this celebration, we wouldn't have done it since we don't do such official celebrations."

She hoped that "all Kurdish bands can participate in these events to make the Kurdish music global, and there must be opera houses and cultural centers to revive such concerts all the time."

The Director of the French Cultural Center in Erbil Emilie Bronzy said: "The goal of establishing the music and film festivals in Kurdistan region is to mix the French and Kurdish cultures and languages and to make Kurdistan similar to the European countries."

She explained that the "establishment of concerts in Kurdistan province encourage the French musicians to visit the region and perform their music in concerts."

Rn/ae AKnews

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